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Gov Alex Otti Broke Down In Tears On Children’s Day


Children’s Day took an emotional turn when Governor Alex Otti broke down in tears during the event's match pass. His Excellency was deeply moved by the sight of deaf and mute children participating in the parade, a moment that left a profound impact on everyone present.

The celebration began with vibrant energy as children from various schools marched in the parade, showcasing their enthusiasm and spirit. Gov Otti, the guest of honor, was visibly delighted, as each group passed by. His presence added a special touch to the festivities, and his joy was contagious.

However, as the procession continued, a group of deaf and mute children also joined the march. Their determination and unity were evident as they communicated silently, yet powerfully, through their synchronized movements. This sight struck a deep chord with Gov Otti.

Overwhelmed by the resilience and courage of these children, Gov Otti’s demeanor shifted dramatically. Tears filled his eyes as he watched them march with pride and strength, despite the challenges they face daily.

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