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How my wife sl€pt with our plumber, connived with him to dupe me — Man tells court


Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State has adjourned till June 3, further hearing in the divorce suit brought before it by a man, Ige, against his wife, Sikira, whom he accused of irresponsibility and infidelity.

Ige added that Sikira was a dupe.

According to Ige, Sikira lacked the ability to take proper care of him and their children and always carried out her duties towards them in a lackadaisical manner.

The plaintiff explained further that the defendant encouraged him to employ the service of a particular plumber when he was building his house, but unknowing to him, the man was her lover.

Ige stated that Sikira was having s3xual affair with the plumber on a regular basis while he was at work.

The plaintiff added that the defendant connived with the plumber to dupe him by adding extra amount to every item he bought when carrying out plumbing work at his site.

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Ige said that Sikira eventually moved out of his house and went with all his property.

The plaintiff stated that he desired a fresh start and therefore wanted a clean cut from his wife, which was why he was in court.

The defendant denied all the allegations brought against her but gave in to divorce.

The defendant described the plaintiff as the pot calling the kettle black.

According to the defendant, the plaintiff was in the habit of drinking himself to stupour and beating her.

She told the court how she caught her husband having sex with a teenager in their apartment.

Sikiral further explained that he once came back home drunk and that he beat and tore her clothes to shreds.

She added that he took the nude pictures of her and sent it to his girlfriend.

The defendant also said that the plaintiff’s girlfriend urged him to seek a way of afflicting the defendant with madness.

According to his girlfriend, it would cost just N200 to perpetrate the evil.

Ige gave his testimony, saying, “My lord, I came to court today because I want a clean cut from my wife.

“Sikira has ridiculed me enough. My life is also not safe with her.

“I met and fell in love with her, and went to her parents with my family to ask for her hand in marriage.

“I paid her bride price and provided all that her family demanded as marital rite.

“Sikara, after all I have spent, got to my house and started misbehaving.

“I realised after we got married that she lacked the ability to run a proper home.

“My wife was lackadaisical concerning my welfare and that of our children.

“The attention and dedication of a loving mother and wife was obviously missing in our lives.

“Sikirat preferred to be out all day than stay back home to keep me and our children company.

“My lord, I stopped trusting my wife a long time ago.

“Sikira is wicked and was unfaithful to me.

“She introduced a plumber to me when I was building my house, and I employed him to do the plumbing work.

“I never had an inkling that the man was her lover.

“They were consistently having s3xual affair while I was away at work.

“Sikira went further to connive with this man to dupe me.

“She would ask him to add an amount to the items he purchased for the plumbing work and collect this from him.

“My wife made our home a hell to live in and also made my life miserable.

“She later left with all my property.

“My lord, I want to put my past behind me and start life afresh.

“I, therefore, pray that this court grant me a clean cut from my wife.

“My lord, I pray that you dissolve our marriage and grant me custody of our children, who she hardly showed affection towards.”

Sikira stated, “My lord, my husband is the pot calling the kettle black.

“All he said about me are lies.

“Ige is irresponsible. He was always drinking himself to stupour and punching me.

“I once caught him having sex with a teenager in our room.

“He once came back home drunk and, as usual, descended on me with punches.

“He went further to tear my clothes, took my nude pictures and sent them to his girlfriend.

“His girlfriend urged him to afflict me with madness.

“She told him it would only cost him N200 to do so.

“I did not pack out of his house. He threw my belongings out.

“I am also no longer willing to stay married to him.

“I pray that our marriage be dissolved.”

The court president, Mrs S.M Akintayo adjourned the case.



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