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Late Junior Pope Back Stabbed Me Repeatedly – Yul Edochie

Yul Edochie, Nollywood actor, has broken his silence about why he did not attend the funeral of his late colleague, Junior Pope.

Edochie attributed the situation to backstabbing by the late film producer.

The self-acclaimed pastor took to his social media page on Tuesday, recounting his lack of involvement in the burial ceremony of the late actor, saying that he betrayed him multiple times.

He noted that he needed to explain himself because people were curious about his absence at the burial despite admitting that the Pope was like a brother to him.

Although he did not provide details about what had transpired between them, he promised to provide more information about how he had betrayed him.

He wrote, “I didn’t want to say anything till after his burial. I know many asked why I wasn’t there. Why I haven’t said anything about it since.

“I took him like a brother and good friend. I was there for him when he needed me. But he stabbed me in the back, repeatedly. That’s life!

Edochie, however, told his followers to be wary of what they wished for people because their wishes could come back to hunt them.

“I’ll drop the full details soon so others can learn from it. Be careful what you wish people, it could come to you,” he added.

However, his post has been greeted by condemnation by Nigerians, as many expressed their dissatisfaction with it.

Others questioned his sanctimonious nature, especially because he had earlier declared himself a pastor.

Platinum Times Nigeria reports that the funeral service for the late Nollywood actor held on Friday at his hometown in Enugu.

The 43-year-old actor died alongside four others on April 10 when their boat capsized in the Anam River while returning from a movie shoot.

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