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No man should be responsible for you until he married you, BBNaija Doyin tells ladies


Big Brother Naija reality star Doyinsola Anuoluwapo David, popularly known as Doyin, has shared her views on financial dynamics in relationships, advising women not to feel entitled to their partners’ money until they are married.

Doyin emphasized that any financial support a man provides to his girlfriend is an act of generosity rather than an obligation. She expressed this while responding to a female fan who sought advice after her boyfriend ended their relationship, accusing her of being “stingy.”

In a message shared via her Instagram story, Doyin stated, “I don’t think he’s stingy because he doesn’t randomly give you money. If you have a man that gives to you when you ask, then you’re lucky to have a responsible man, but he doesn’t owe you random money just because you are his girlfriend.”

She continued, “Until a man has married you, he is not obligated to be responsible for you. Whatever he does is out of the generosity of his heart, but you should never feel entitled to his money.”

Doyin cautioned against the misleading portrayals often seen online, adding, “Don’t let the internet deceive you. It’s nice to have a man that is intentional with his generosity, but it’s not your birthright. There is nothing genetically programmed in a man that makes it easier for him to make money than a woman.”

Concluding her advice, she noted, “It’s not easy to make money, so no one wants to keep spending ‘randomly’. If you need random money, please get a job.”

Doyin’s message highlights the importance of financial independence and mutual respect in relationships, advocating for a realistic approach to financial expectations between partners.

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