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‘Sister, I was raised in the village, I don’t understand phonetic’ – Umahi tells journalist


Minister of Works, Dave Umahi, sparked reactions online over his exchange with Arise TV correspondent, Laila Johnson, during a media session on Wednesday, May 1, on the construction of the Calabar-Lagos coastal highway.
Laila was asking Umahi a question concerning approval for the Lagos-Calabar coastal highway project when the Minister interjected by saying, “Sister, I was raised in the village, me I no dey hear ‘phoné’”, which simply means phonetics.

In response, Laila told the Minister that it was how she speaks, and Umahi asked for interpreters.

Laila further pushed back by saying that Umahi had enough people around him to make him understand what she was saying.

Shortly after the exchange, Umahi responded to Laila’s question by saying they had received all the necessary approvals to initiate the project.

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