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US Member Of Congress, Sheila Jackson Lee Congratulates Amb. Ojadah On US President's Lifetime Achievement Award

A member of US Congress, Sheila Jackson Lee representing the District of Texas has congratulated Amb. Jonathan Ojadah on his recognition by Joe Biden with US President's Lifetime Achievement Award. 

In a congratulatory letter she personally signed, the US member of Congress extolled Amb. Ojadah for his humanitarian services which she said has been admirable. 

She said Amb. Ojadah has made immense contributions through his humanitarian interventions in impacting lives socially and economically. 

She said, "I take great pride in congratulating H.E. Ambassador Dr. Jonathan Ojadah for hosting The Global Leadership Investment Summit and Awards Conference (GLISA TEXAS 2024) at the South Shore Harbor Resort in Houston, Texas. Your passion for humanity and philanthropy is illustrated in your many initiatives to improve lives both socially and economically is admirable.

"The Global Leadership Investment Summit and Awards Conference aims to help countries by advancing investments, trade, and capacity-building. Your commitment and dedication to gather leaders, experts, and successful entrepreneurs to strengthen ties between the private and public sectors in countries and create policy and initiatives is commendable. Congratulations to H.E. Ambassador Jonathan Ojadah for his efforts to promote global leaders and entrepreneurs and further development and investment in countries."

Announcing his emergence as one of the 2024 recipients of the President Joe Biden's award, Dr. Ojadah in a social media post said it came after a meticulous review and thorough screening of his career achievements.

He said, "The fruits of unwavering dedication and diligent work are indeed sweet. For all my strides and successes, I give all glory to God Almighty." 

This honour also confers on him the privilege of recommending distinguished individuals from Africa for this esteemed recognition, an initiative under the patronage of His Excellency, Jo Biden, President of the United States of America. 

This grand event is set to unfold in the prestigious city of Washington DC, USA, on July 27th, 2024.

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