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Why CCTV cameras failed to capture invasion of Kogi university by bandits – Gov Ododo

Governor Usman Ododo of Kogi State has attributed Thursday’s abduction of students at Confluence University of Science and Technology, Osara, to internal sabotage.

According to him, a preliminary investigation revealed that all CCTV cameras on the school premises were deactivated during the attack.

Ododo expressed his disappointment despite the presence of CCTV cameras in classrooms and around the university perimeter, the invasion was not captured.

He emphasized that the apparent sabotage by internal collaborators allowed the abductors to carry out their attack undetected.

During his visit to assess the security situation on campus after the incident, Ododo pledged to ensure the safe return of the abducted students.

Although approximately nine students were taken by the gunmen around 9 pm on Thursday, Ododo assured the public that every necessary measure would be taken to facilitate their safe return.

He reiterated the government’s commitment to safeguarding lives and property throughout the state, emphasizing the decision to permit students to remain on campus.

Ododo also mentioned ongoing efforts to rescue the students safely, urging parents and students to remain calm while assuring them of concerted efforts by the authorities.

He said: “It is our duty as a government to protect lives and property in all parts of the state. We are prepared to protect the students, and that is why we allowed the students to stay on the campus.

“I am here to see things myself; to assess the situation and also to review the ongoing operation that will ensure the safe return of the students to the school.

“What is most important now is how to rescue our students unhurt.

“We have the right information at our disposal but we can’t put all that out in the media.

“I want the parents and students to be calm as we are making a concerted effort to secure the return of the students.”

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