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AFAA Foundation Elevates Mental Wellness with Expert mentorship At Abuja Secondary School

The Afri-Charity Fashion and Art Foundation (AFAA Foundation) a non-profit subsidiary of The African Fashion and Arts Award (AFAA) continues her trailblazing journey in mental health advocacy, recently hosting a captivating campaign at the Government Science and Technical College in Abuja, Nigeria.

 Renowned speakers illuminated various facets of mental wellness, offering transformative insights and practical strategies. We live in a world that constantly demands success and perfection and we often feel the pressure to always be at our best, to excel in academics, work and at home, meeting every expectation. This pressure can sometimes make us feel like we must hide our struggles or pretend that everything is okay, even when it's not. At AFAA FOUNDATION we understand that it is okay to feel overwhelmed, stressed, or even anxious at times. Admitting that we are not okay is not a sign of weakness, and we encourage people to seek help when needed.

In his introductory speech, Mr. Kingsley Amako, the founder of AFAA Foundation, delivered a poignant message, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging our mental health needs. He highlighted that nurturing our minds is as crucial as caring for our bodies, leading to improved focus, stress management, overall well-being and creativity. 

Mrs. Lynda Agiriga, Co-founder and AFAA Foundation's COO, shed light on the pitfalls of excessive social media consumption, urging the students to limit screen time and prioritize meaningful real-world interactions for their mental health. During her speech, she shared the foundations gratitude to the school’s authority for approval and the Senior Mistress Admin, Mrs Tochukwu for her support and kind words to the students.

Mr. Jakpo Ukueku, a mental health advocate, explored the pivotal role of healthy self-esteem in nurturing mental wellness. His discourse offered practical tips for fostering and sustaining a positive self-image, such as practicing positive affirmations and setting achievable goals.

Queen Joy Ebere, Miss Tourism Nigeria 2023/2024 and a youth advocate underscored the significance of seeking help during emotional struggles, outlining various support avenues including professional counselling and trusted confidantes.

In an interview with newsmen, Mr. Amako stated that the foundation wishes to empower African Youths to consciously build the Africa of our dreams. To achieve this, we have adopted the capacity building approach from the pipeline, the younger generation. Teaching them to know that they can let down their guards, share experiences, and learn from each other without fear of judgment. The audience, predominantly students, responded enthusiastically to the talks, expressing gratitude for the enlightening and empowering messages.

The AFAA Foundation reaffirms its steadfast commitment to promoting mental wellness and resilience within communities amongst the core objectives of harnessing talents amongst African youths for empowerment through capacity building for self-reliance in the areas of creativity especially the fashion and arts industries.

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