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APC Group Accuses Cabal in Presidency of Shielding Amaechi's Stooge in NPA From Corruption

A group within the governing All Progressives Congress (APC) APC Young Leaders Forum (APC-YLF) has alleged that a cabal in the presidency is shielding the Managing Director of Nigerian Ports Authority, Muhammed Bello Koko from prosecution over corruption. 

The group in a statement signed by its National Coordinator, Comrade Usman Aminu alleged that despite series of corruption cases traced to the NPA MD, he has continued to enjoy a cover up by authorities that be in the presidency, insisting that it is unacceptable. 

APC-YLF described Muhammed Bello Koko as a stooge of the former Minister of Transport, Chibuike Amaechi, alleging that the former Minister is benefitting from proceeds of corruption being perpetrated by the NPA boss. 

The APC group said the corruption allegedly going on in NPA has dwarfed the economy, causing critical stakeholders in the sector to lose confidence in the system, and deterring foreign direct investors from having confidence in Nigeria. 

It says Amaechi is one of those who never believed in the Renewed Hope agenda of President Bola Tinubu, stating that Amaechi was one of those who worked against the emergence of Tinubu as the country's President. 

Recall that Amaechi had contested the APC primary election in 2022 where he lost to Tinubu, coming second in the contest. 

The group therefore called on President Bola Tinubu to immediately sack the NPA MD and recommend his prosecution. 

"On October 3rd 2021, the whole world woke up to the scandalous publication of over 11 million leaked documents by the International consortium of investigative journalists involving world politicians,  Business leaders and heads of sensitive agencies across different countries of the world. 

"On October 6th 2021, the famous online paper Premium-times provided detailed analysis on offshore companies and properties run by the NPA head Bello Koko titled "Inside the Secret offshore companies, London properties of NPA Chief, Bello-Koko.

"According to premium Times investigation, Bello Koko "is involved in offshore shenanigans, hiding behind two shell companies incorporated in a tax and secrecy heaven to anonymously invest in the United Kingdom protect market, potentially violating Nigeria’s public service code of conduct laws ."

"Again in November 27th 2022, Sahara Reporters  also published an investigative report released by the Economic and financial crime commission in which the EFCC have established a case of fraud against Bello Koko. According to the report, the MD of the Nigeria ports authority was indicted "of being involved N829 Million fraud through kickbacks and money laundering activities." The EFCC investigation report which was exclusively obtained by Sahara Reporters in April of last year revealed that Koko after being investigated was found to have received monies worth over N800 Million from NPA contractors. 

"Fraud, extortion, tax evasion, forgery and money laundering are  the tags that Bello  Koko is often known for both in Nigeria and across borders. Following refusal of the Nigerian government to hold Bello Koko accountable despite undeniable corruption cases  established against the MD by the EFCC, a UK based fraud and corruption investigators dug further and found Koko to be deeply involved in  so many alleged criminal acts bordering on money laundering, fraud, forgery, tax evasion and extortion. Consequently, the corruption investigative team wrote a letter signed by Michael  O’ Leary for UK/Ireland investigators to the UK Home office Secretary 2, Marsham Street London SW1 4DF seeking for the total confiscation and forfeiture of properties allegedly by Bello Koko through questionable means."

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