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De Mangold Exclusive Projects Offers Nigerian Public Exciting Luxury in Shelter at Affordable Cost

One of the challenges facing many Nigerians is decent and affordable home. Despite several efforts in the past to address this concern, millions of Nigerians still live in shanties and unplanned housing system. In worse case scenarios, others live under bridges, exposing themselves to imminent dangers and health hazards.

Interestingly, notable private sector organizations have demonstrated zeal to write a new narrative for as long as our country is concerned, in the area of giving them opportunity to dignified living standards through affordable, yet decent and luxurious housing structure.

De Mangold (DMG) Exclusive Project is one of such organizations that have taken up the mantle to bridge the gap of housing deficit in our country.
It describes itself as Nigeria's powerhouse, which transforms ideas into reality. It has developed very flexible means of ensuring that every Nigerian, both low and middle income earners have a roof over their heads, because DMG Exclusive recognizes that housing is a critical need of every human. 

It has a service that allows it take up client's project from concept to completion. It takes away the burden of running after artisans and being swindled of your hard-earned money by individuals masquerading as engineers and builders. 

Priding itself as the leading brand property development, DMG Exclusive also creates visionary spaces that redefine living and commercial environments sustainably.
Additionally, it also offers real estate services that allows subscribers to pay in most flexible payment plans over a spread period of time, granting them access to home ownership. It has carried out similar projects in many cities across Nigeria and still expanding its base of operations. 

It also provides reliable labour contracting solutions, ensuring efficiency and quality in every project engagement
It surpasses expectations of clients in property development, real estate transactions, but delves into meticulous construction projects that meets a world class standard. 

It is the vision of Chief Majesty Kelechi Olugu who sits as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of DMG Exclusive. He has continued to transform the way home ownership is obtained through flexibility and transparency. 
Beyond construction, DMG Exclusive also facilitates seamless imports and exports, connecting global markets with comprehensive logistics and strategic partnerships.

With its committed and most resourceful management, the firm has been at forefront in recording exploits in giving Nigerians affordable yet, luxurious homes.

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