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Nigerian grandmother goes viral on 91st birthday, prays against celebrating 100 years

A Nigerian grandmother went viral on her 91st birthday as she prayed to God, saying she doesn’t want to celebrate her 100th birthday.

This was revealed in a fresh post made available on a popular social media platform, TikTok.

In the video, the grandmother expressed her intention to her granddaughter, who happened to be pregnant at the moment.

The granddaughter, engrossed in a discussion with her grandmother, prayed for her to grow old and someday celebrate her 100th birthday.

However, the grandmother immediately said no, that she doesn’t want to celebrate her 100th birthday someday.

She prayed for her granddaughter to give birth to a baby so she can carry her grandchildren, and also prayed that her granddaughter would grow very old.

The conversation between the two individuals attracted attention on social media, as many people commented on the post to share their thoughts.

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