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Royal Dispute: We stand for peace, founded on decorum, justice, integrity, says Benin Enigie

Members of the Association of Enigie in Edo South Senatorial District on Tuesday said it has reviewed all the developments in recent times relating to the Traditional Rulership Institution in Benin Kingdom, particularly the alleged suspension of some Enigie, and cases pending in the Benin High Court, in which the Benin monarch, HRM, Oba Ewuare II along with others are defendants.

Addressing a press briefing in Benin, Enogie (Duke) of Evbuobanosa Dukedom, Prof. Gregory Idurobo Akenzua, who spoke on behalf of the Association of Enigie, Edo South Senatorial District, said it welcomed the initiative of those who proposed an amicable settlement of the dispute and regrets comments by some Palace Chiefs, Members of the Royal Family and the Oba’s Lawyers.

Akenzua, who expressed dismay with the comments expressed by some Palace Chiefs, Member of the Royal Family and the Oba’s Lawyers said their comments do not augur well for the prospect of peace, but go against the legacy of Oba Adolo of blessed memory who was a champion of conciliation.

“We have found it necessary to provide the historical background to the matter, and the root cause of the dispute, as well as the specific grievances, we as Enigie have had, the efforts we made to have the issue addressed formally at the level of the Benin Traditional Council, as well as through informal channels.

“We highlight the letter we were compelled to write to the Governor of Edo State, the purpose for which the letter was written and how this led to the orchestrated suspension of the leaders of our Association.

“We also highlight that beyond the suspension, how the Palace of the Oba of Benin got our said leaders arrested and sought to have them sent to jail.

“We also highlight that the first case to be filed was that by the Palace of the Oba of Benin through proxies, against the Edo State Government for heeding our calls for the establishment of Local Traditional Councils, which till date we believe will augur well for the benefit of our people, particularly in the rural areas.

“Of course, we also passed resolutions on the case filed by Professor Gregory Idurobo Akenzua and His Highness Edomwonyi Iduozee Ogiegbaen against His Royal Majesty, Oba Ewuare II, the Oba of Benin and 2 Ors., which essentially is to uphold our right to fair hearing, which we believe every citizen is entitled to. On this we do not think it is honorable or dignifying for those who claim to be supporters of the Oba to disrupt the sitting of the Court each time the case comes up.” Akenzua said.

Akenzua said members of the Association of Enigie in Edo South Senatorial District stand for peace founded on decorum, integrity and justice.

He added that the Association of Enigie in Edo South Senatorial District are upholders of the tradition of its ancestors and pledged to continue to serve the people in humility.

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