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Waterlight Save Initiative Granted ECOSOC Consultative Status at 18th UN Committee on NGOs Meeting

The Waterlight Save Initiative is delighted to announce that it has been granted the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Consultative Status. This approval was confirmed during the 18th meeting of the UN Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations, a significant milestone that recognizes the organization's commitment to sustainable water management and global water security.

The ECOSOC Consultative Status provides NGOs with the opportunity to participate in UN deliberations and contribute to its mission of fostering international economic and social progress. With this status, Waterlight Save Initiative is now positioned to play a more prominent role in global policy discussions, advocating for sustainable water practices and innovative solutions to address water scarcity and other sustainable development goals.

Statement from the Executive Director:

"We are honored and thrilled to have been granted ECOSOC Consultative Status," said Dr. PrinceEro Ibhafidon, Executive Director of the Waterlight Save Initiative. "This status is a testament to our team's dedication and the impactful work we have done in the field of water sustainability. We look forward to collaborating more closely with UN bodies, member states, and other NGOs to drive meaningful change and ensure that access to clean water and basic humanitarian needs becomes a reality for everyone."

Key Benefits of ECOSOC Consultative Status:

Enhanced Advocacy: The status enables Waterlight Save Initiative to submit written statements and make oral presentations at UN meetings, directly influencing international water policies.

Global Collaboration: It facilitates greater collaboration with UN agencies, governments, and other stakeholders to develop and implement effective water sustainability strategies.

Increased Visibility: The consultative status raises the profile of Waterlight Save Initiative on the global stage, attracting more support and resources for its projects.

Over the past decade, the Waterlight Save Initiative has made significant strides in promoting sustainable water management through various projects and initiatives. Highlights include:

Sustainable Water Projects: Implementation of over 50 projects in communities worldwide, providing millions with access to clean, safe water.

Educational Programs: Extensive community education campaigns aimed at promoting water conservation and sustainable practices.

Innovative Solutions: Development and dissemination of cutting-edge technologies and methods for efficient water use.

With ECOSOC Consultative Status, Waterlight Save Initiative plans to:

Influence Policy: Advocate for comprehensive global water policies and frameworks at UN forums.

Expand Partnerships: Build stronger alliances with international organizations, governments, and private sectors.

Broaden Educational Outreach: Enhance and expand educational initiatives to raise awareness about water sustainability.

The Waterlight Save Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the global water crisis and humanitarian needs. Through sustainable practices, innovative technologies, and community education, the organization works tirelessly to ensure that everyone has access to clean and safe water, recognizing it as a fundamental human right.

This press release highlights the significant achievement of Waterlight Save Initiative being granted ECOSOC Consultative Status, emphasizing the enhanced capabilities and future plans of the organization in its mission to promote global humanitarian sustainability.

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