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Christine Kato, creative artist, designer, and inventor, making waves in Nigeria's Creative Industry and globally

Born in Kaduna State on May 2, 1994, from childhood, she had always had an eye for translating her ideas into reality. She is full of creative imagination, which eventually comes into skills, then a product/service where life imitates Art.

A graduate of the University of Abuja, while still an undergraduate, Kato started a fashion line where she made fashionable and statement handbags with accessories such as bangles, necklaces, and earrings with her most renowned design The Breast Handbag Design 

With determination, unalloyed zeal and smart work, she has continued to soar from strength to strength, remaining outstanding in her craft while adding humongous value in the industry by offering mentorship services to many In the creative industry.

A designer and innovator of great repute, Christine Kato wields an overwhelming influence in the art and creative firmament in Nigeria as she has worked herself to the top, becoming a go-to person for those still learning the rope and others seeking to broker new grounds through insightful knowledge in the industry. 

She has been involved in the design of several artworks, sculptures, and fashion kits for all gender and ages. 

A growing authority at what she does, she has fostered collaborations with other artists, is involved in several art exhibitions, and gone beyond the shores of Nigeria as an art and culture promoter. 

Some of the exhibitions and showcases she has been involved in include Rachel The Piper Show, Thought Pyramid Art Gallery, Nike Art Gallery, Arts and Craft Village Abuja and more. 

She has demonstrated the mastery of her craft as an artist, designer , and innovator. She presents her works in simple yet creatively crafted format, making it a beauty to behold among art lovers. She has appeared in several TV stations, displaying her work of hands with pride and fulfilments. 

Beyond that, Kato has continued to offer shoulders to lean on for women, giving them the opportunity to learn the trade and make a decent living for themselves. 

She has won several awards as an entrepreneur of the year for her creativity and Papyrus Award for distinguished CEO in her field of speciality artist and champion of women empowerment. She has continued to create new narratives for women as pillars in the country's economic development. 

It is hoped that coming days, months, and years will provide more opportunities for her to use her arts to foster unity in our country and show the world that women are true agents of change.

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