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I Couldn’t Keep The Money; I’m A Child Of God — Nigerian Who Returned $14,000

I couldn’t keep the money; it’s not mine. I’m a child of God — Nigerian giveaway winner who refunded crypto trader speaks.

Earlier today, the story of a Nigerian known as Lucky, who returned $14,000 to a crypto trader who mistakenly sent him more than the intended amount, was trending. The crypto trader shared a video of himself making a video call to Lucky to appreciate him for his honesty.

Lucky, whose real name is Akinola Femi and a chemical engineering graduate of FUT Minna, has now come out to explain why he returned the money. Lucky disclosed that the crypto trader had sent him 100 Solana worth $14,000 instead of just 10 Solana worth $100. Upon the trader’s request to refund 90 Solana and keep just 10, Lucky immediately refunded the excess to Rafael Avey, the crypto trader.

Lucky explained that because he is a child of God and knew the money didn’t belong to him, he couldn’t keep it. This act of honesty has garnered him widespread praise.

Revealing his Twitter handle, Lucky appreciated his pastor for teaching him honesty. He expressed happiness about his actions and wanted to show the world that there are still good and honest Nigerians out there.

Video below:-

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