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Police detain VeryDarkMan in Abuja

Martin Otse, widely known as VeryDarkMan and a notable figure on social media for his critical posts, was detained by Nigerian police at his residence in Abuja on Sunday.
The exact reason for his arrest remains unclear, but his attorney, Deji Adeyanju, indicated that it might be connected to a recent exposé he posted on

Adeyanju revealed that the arrest was ordered by Federal Capital Territory Commissioner of Police  following accusations of defamation tied to Otse’s claims about an individual allegedly involved in a scam targeting a Nigerian abroad.

In a statement, Adeyanju said, “Our client, #thatverydarkman, has been detained by police on CP Igwe’s orders for revealing details about someone accused of defrauding a Nigerian overseas. Instead of pursuing the alleged scammer, the police have arrested VDM on defamation charges.”


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