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OZUBULU KILLINGS: Donatus Okonkwo Condemns Attack, Pushes For A More Secure State

The gubernatorial aspirant in the upcoming Anambra State election, Prince Donatus Okonkwo, has added his voice to the condemnation of the recent gunmen's attack at a church in Ozubulu community within the state. Prince Okonkwo who had always emphasized that the state is not as secure as the current governor claims, lamented the fact that the perpetrators of a heinous crime of that caliber were able to escape successfully, and uninterrupted by the security apparatuses in the state.

He added, "I'm still in deep shock, days after this heinous act. But this goes to show that all is not well in our state. Without adequate security, then the government has failed in its primary duty to the people". The businessman turned politician, who has never seized to express  confidence on winning the November 18 Guber election, further added, "We need to ensure that this kind of unfortunate incident does not re-occure in the state. And the best way to do that is to use the ballot wisely come November. God forbid that ours should be a porous state where criminals and assassins can just come in, commit crimes, and go as they please".

Prince Okonkwo prayed for the souls of those killed in the attack, and pledged his support in ameliorating the damage caused the bereaved, the church, and the community.

Recall that some unknown gunmen stormed a Catholic church last Sunday during early morning mass, killing over 13 worshipers, and injuring much more.

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