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Let’s Pray For Nigeria To Rise Again, Even As We Mark The Rising Of Christ” – Mike Omotosho Wishes Nigerians a Happy Easter

Let's Pray For Nigeria To Rise Again, Even As We Mark The Rising Of Christ" – Mike Omotosho Wishes Nigerians a Happy Easter

Nigerians, home and abroad, have been advised to seize the opportunity of the Easter celebration to seek the face of God on behalf of the country. This admonishment was made by the National Chairman of Labour Party, Mr Mike Omotosho, in his Easter message to the nation

In his words, "Easter celebration is a crucial moment, not just to the Christians, but also to the Nigerian nation, a country with unparalleled reverence to God. For the Christians, it marks the resurrection of Christ from death. It's a symbol of victory over forces of darkness. Thus, for Nigeria, where a huge chunk of her population is Christian, it should be a time to tap into that celebrated victory of Christ and reach out for the restoration of its glory as the greatest black nation on the planet".

The Labour party boss, who is renowned for his philanthropy, further called on Nigerian political leaders to learn to live a life of sacrifice for the good of the nation, as this was an example laid down by Christ more than two thousand years ago, and for which he is thus celebrated and followed ardently today. He urged on the nation's leaders, especially the members of the incumbent government, to put the interests of the nation first, as Christ put the salvation of the world first.

To conclude his message, Dr. Omotosho thanked God for the successful return of the Dapchi school girls as he pleaded with Nigerians to seek the face of God for the arrival of the remaining abducted Christian little girl who refused to denounce her Christian faith. He further prayed for a national victory over the economy,and a political victory for the citizens of Nigeria, especially in the upcoming 2019 general elections.