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BREAKING: Police Arrest Journalist Who Slapped Interviewee In A Viral Video(Video)


The Nigerian police officers have arrested a radio presenter and broadcast journalist, Ahmad Isah for slapping a woman who reportedly assaulted a child. The founder and CEO of Brekete Radio and programme, Ahmed Isah, populaly known as Ordinary President is the founder and CEO of Brekete Radio and programme He hosts a long-running radio and television programme known as ”Brekete Family”. He came under public scrutiny after he was seen in a BBC Africa E

ye documentary slapping a lady who was accused of setting her brother’s daughter on fire over an allegation that she is a witch. The video sparked public debate on and off social media. While many condemned the act, other expressed that it was emotional. Following public outrage, Isah has since apologised for his action noting that he was very emotional.

Isah confirmed his arrest itself while speaking with LEADERSHIP in Abuja, Isah said he was arrested by the police in connection with the BBC Eye Documentary.

According to him, “I have been at the police station since morning. I have been arrested by the police over the same matter.’’ Earlier, a Facebook post by the organisation said Ordinary President has not been seen since he honoured an invitation to the FCT Police Command Monday morning. The post read; “Ordinary President, founder and CEO of Brekete Radio and TV programme honoured an invitation to the FCT police command this morning. We want the public to know that we are yet to see or reach him. Thank you for sharing and retweeting.” Speaking earlier with LEADERSHIP, a BBC reporter, Peter Nkanga, said there had been threat to his life since he published a documentary of how popular radio presenter, Ahmed Isah, assaulted a lady. Since the incident, Isah has been in the eyes of the storm. Speaking exclusively with LEADERSHIP yesterday in Abuja, Nkanga said the threat was coming from the public that Isah commands. He said: “I need to state categorically that my life is under threat. I am facing harassment, cyberbullying and threats targeting me, my family, and the BBC crew because I did my job as a journalist.

“My attack is coming from the public that Ahmed Isah commands. I am talking about a multitude of everyday people.” ‘’I am talking of everyday people you meet anywhere and everywhere on the road, malls, markets, offices who are his fervent adherents. They have my image. They are threatening me on Social media, and now my numbers were released to the public on Ahmad’s live programme. These people have been calling, sending SMS/WhatsApp threats to me. ‘’They have told me they know where I live, and I will die. My situation is a very serious and dangerous one. To answer your question directly, of course, I do not feel safe.’’ When asked if he was paid, he said BBC did not snitch Isah as the BBC approached him based on the vacuum in the Nigeria system which was a reason people are coming to him for succour. He said, ‘’Who paid me? Why will anyone say that? The BBC approached Ahmed Isah based on the vacuum in the Nigeria system which is the reason people are coming to him, and we think that he is doing a great job and that is the truth, I have worked with him personally and I know he is doing a good job.

‘’And the reason for the film is to present a balanced and objective profile of his work and he said we should come in that he doesn’t have anything to hide, and we deem it fit to profile his work.’’ Nkanga noted that it was important for Nigerians to understand the context of the report. He said the report was not just about Isah or the lady (suspect). He stated that the report was far bigger than that and that the report was premised on media accountability. Below is the video that got Isah arrested by the Nigerian police.

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