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Blockbuster: Movie Centered On Fake News "When Wolves Cry" To Hit Cinema Soon

A home movie with the title, "When Wolves Cry" which centres on the dangers of fake news is about to hit the cinema as producers are at the tail end of the post production process. 

Produced and Directed by Emmanuel Eyaba, an Abuja based filmmaker and Media consultant, the movie talks about a certain actor who rose to fame on the crest of fake news as a blogger friend of his published how the actor was a gay, in order just to have him trend despite not being a gay. 

This got him a mouth-watering contract in South Africa, a contract that was short lived when the bubble bust.

A diplomatic row erupted between Nigeria and Cameroon, as the actor was accused to have raped a camerounian. 

He was however eventually arrested, tried and jailed for his series of controversial activities that almost set the country on fire. 

In the cast list are, Syndy Emade, Francis Duru, MC Mbakara, Sydney Diala, Steve Eboh, Pauline Idemudia, Alex Nwankwo, Dwayne Eyaba, Tracy Gwazoo, Happy Jullian, Agility Onourah and more. 

Fake news usually circulated through the social media has caused individuals and businesses serious character and brand damage. 

There has equally been cases where people took their lives as a result of frustrations arising from fake news. 

Regulating social media has been one of the difficult policies across the world and Nigeria inclusive. 

When it was first mulled by National Assembly, it was seen as an effort to gag citizens from their right to information and free speech.

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