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Richie John Onaiwu bags UN-IPGC Global Peace Leadership and Mount Moriah Foundation Global Business Leadership Awards in London


The Director and founder of RichieRich Global Limited, Richie John Onaiwu was on Saturday 25th November 2023 honoured with the prestigious Global Peace Leadership and Global Business Leadership awards. He was formally presented with both awards in Kensington and Westminster, London.

The UNIPGC Africa in collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Peace and Governance, United States bestowed on Mr John Onaiwu in Westminster, London, the award for their 2023 Global Peace Leadership Award and Mount Moriah Foundation in Kensington, London, for their 2023 Global Business Leadership awards, respectively.

Richie John Onaiwu is a man with an intense drive and an unwavering passion for success and growth. His journey through life has derived a dedication which has wielded a firsthand expertise in property development and management, logistics, entertainment, and beauty. He is the founder and director of RichieRich Global Ltd, Aaragus Homes, RRG Homes, RichieRich Entertainment and RRG Beauty Hub which he has used in supporting the community and youths and creating employment across the United Kingdom.

The prestigious award from the UNIPGC Africa, was awarded in recognition of individuals for their outstanding, innovative and contributions to business and to Africans in diaspora. 

UNIPGC Africa is an organisation that is devoted to the promotion of sustainable Peace, Good Governance Advocacy and Poverty Eradication with Africans as its focus. Due to this cause, Richie John Onaiwu has been identified for his contributions to the support of Africans in the United Kingdom by way of supporting the community and young Africans in business development and apprenticeships for young individuals.

Mount Moriah Foundation is a foundation for the support of Menopausal Women and Women in general who are transitioning through midlife hardships and expectations. Due to Richie John Onaiwu’s support for women both in diaspora and in Nigeria his home country, have seen yearly contributions and support to widows, single mothers, and young girls, where he has created an apprenticeship programme for teenage girls and boys in his RRG Beauty Hub. Due to his work, the Mount Moriah Foundation conferred on him as Patron of the foundation.

Amongst his recognitions, Richie John Onaiwu has bagged several awards including Godsent Foundation, BEFFTA, Nollywood Entertainment and Leadership and Ambassadorial and governmental recognitions from the Nigerian Police Community Relations Committee, Nigerian Army Honourable Member, The Presidency National Youth Council of Nigeria amongst other community recognitions, for his contributions to community building. 

Richie John Onaiwu has been at the forefront of the Nigerian global entertainment and has managed top Nigerians on the global stage. He has just concluded tours for the likes of top Nigerian entertainers including Okey Bakassi, I GODye, Gordons, Tuface and amongst other up and coming Nigerian and UK entertainers. 

He has recently launched ‘’The Afro Kings of Comedy’’ which is built to be an annually ran event to showcase African and British comedians and music artists on one stage, with the just concluded first season in August. This promises to encourage and give upcoming artists the opportunity to enhance their craft and put them at the forefront of the entertainment industry with the support of industry veterans. 

It is with great satisfaction and gratitude that Mr Richie John Onaiwu received these awards and in his words; “A lesson to all is that with a great vision, dedication, hard work and a love to giving without seeking rewards, produces rewards that are beyond measurable by monetary values.”

Mr Richie John Onaiwu highlights he looks forward to collaborating with these organisations on futures projects.

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