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Thousands attend funeral of Isreali judge gunned down in Jerusalem

Thousands of ultra-Orthodox men attended the funeral of Isreali rabbinical judge, Rabbi Elimelech Wasserman, who was killed Thursday when two gunmen opened fire at a Jerusalem bus stop, in an attack for which Hamas claimed responsibility.

one of the three people killed in a shooting at a crowded bus station in Jerusalem on Thursday.

According to police, two gunmen drove toward the bus stop armed with a handgun and an M16 rifle and opened fire.

The two attackers, brothers from a neighborhood in annexed east Jerusalem, were killed.

Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack, casting it as retaliation for the killing of women and children in Gaza and the occupied West Bank and other Israeli “crimes.”

The attack did not appear to threaten the truce in Gaza.

But escalating violence — including Israeli raids — in the West Bank and east Jerusalem could potentially wreck the quiet in Gaza, even though these areas are not covered under the cease-fire.


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