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AMVCA: Jagun Jagun clinches best indigenous language West Africa award

At the 10th Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA), Femi Adebayo’s production “Jagun Jagun” clinched the coveted title of Best Indigenous Language Movie in West Africa.

The event, held at the renowned Eko Hotel & Suites in Lagos, Nigeria, honoured exceptional achievements within the African film and television sphere.

During his acceptance moment, Femi Adebayo expressed gratitude towards AMVCA for acknowledging his work.

He remarked, “We appreciate the recognition, AMVCA. Our journey continues.”

This triumph further cements Femi Adebayo’s standing as both a skilled actor and a visionary filmmaker, enriching his already illustrious career in Nigeria’s entertainment panorama.

“Jagun Jagun” has garnered acclaim for its compelling narrative, stellar performances, and cultural resonance, reflecting a broader trend of increasing appreciation for indigenous language cinema and its storytelling prowess within Africa.

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