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Tragedy as Tijanni Babangida’s son dies, wife loses eye

Former Nigerian international footballer, Tijjani Babangida, is facing immense sorrow as his family grapples with tragedy.

Following a fatal road accident on the Zaria-Kaduna road, which claimed the life of Tijjani’s brother, Ibrahim Babangida, his one-year-old son has succumbed to injuries sustained in the crash.

The accident occurred on Thursday, April 10, 2024, involving Tijjani, his wife, brother, son, and maid.

While Ibrahim tragically passed away at the scene, Tijjani and the other occupants were rushed to the hospital for urgent medical attention.

Sadly, Tijjani’s son lost his battle for life, succumbing to injuries sustained in the accident.

Additionally, Tijjani’s wife suffered severe facial injuries, resulting in the loss of one of her eyes.

Both Tijjani and his wife’s injuries necessitated medical attention, with Tijjani undergoing surgery for a damaged knee and other injuries.

A close family friend expressed the profound difficulty of the situation, highlighting the emotional toll on Tijjani and his family.

He said “This is a difficult moment for our friend Tijanni and his entire family. After the death of Ibrahim, his little son, who was battling for life in the hospital with him, also passed away yesterday (Friday).

“Right now, he is traumatised by the death of his younger brother and his son, who was always with him. His wife has lost one of her eyes because a part of her face was damaged.

“The maid also suffered a fracture in her leg, the same as a young man who was hit by the ill-fated car.

“Well, Tijanni has since been transferred to a hospital in Abuja where he is to undergo surgery on his damaged knee and other injuries.

“All we can do is to pray for God to strengthen him to overcome the tragic situation,” he said.


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